Hello Folks,

Hypervisor has been launched please continue the read below to know more in-depth about this patch release.


  1. Live Backup feature for File / LVM based KVM instances.
  2. FTP / SFTP / S3 / DO Spaces / Local are the types of backup procedures that can be implemented currently.
  3. Pricing of backups can be specified in 3 variations namely Free / Fixed per month / Per GB Size / Percentage of cost of instance these can be set per Hypervisor Slave.
  4. Backup servers can be selected per Hypervisor Slave. Location of backups can be set per Hypervisor Slave, for the same backup server.
  5. Instance Plans now have 2 additional options Backup Limit / Restore Limit.
  6. Backups have compression option which can be enabled per slave because not all slaves are built the same.
  7. Backups are rotated based on backup limit if the instance reaches a particular number of backups the previous oldest backup is deleted and is replaced with a newer version.
  8. Users can restore backups on their own and the restore limit is set to function on a per month basis.
  9. Payment refunds are now possible from the panel.
  10. Most recent tasks can now be seen on the client side.
  11. User's day to day transactions is now available on the client side.
  12. Apart from auto locking mechanism of slaves, it can now be manually locked by admins if needed. This lock will not be overridden by automation.

Bug Fixes

  1. Downloads in IPv6 powered servers were breaking so we've added the IPv4 bind file using certain functions.
  2. Rescue Image was failing to download properly this has been fixed.
  3. The licensing code has been improved and prior bugs with instance limits have been fixed.
  4. Some minor UI based bugs have been resolved as per reports provided by our valued customers.
  5. LEMP package has been upgraded with some performance tweaks for nGINX / PHP-FPM.
  6. Bandwidth overage billing was not functioning properly this has been fixed. Some additional tweaks have been made to ensure proper billing as well.

Requests Received ( Being Considered )

  1. Support Ticketing.
  2. PowerDNS based DNS management.
  3. Automatic Creation of unique dns per instance identical to AWS.
  4. WHMCS integration for billing.
  5. Detachable additional storage blocks.
  6. Blesta Module