Hypervisor has been launched, this has been more of a bug fix oriented patch, please continue the read below to know more in-depth about this patch release.

We now conclude RAW & Qcow2 storage based instances to be stable for production use.

1. Advance disk features have been enabled for Instances. You can now configure Disk Cache, Disk Discard, I/O Policy and even control Reads & Writes for disk.
2. User REST API has been released and will be documented in the coming weeks.
3. Storage can now be classified into Disk Types.
4. Since bandwidth statistics were being pooled up in the database, we've introduced a cleanup policy for instance and hypervisor statistics.

Bug Fixes
1. When deploying multiple instances via WHMCS a bug existed which caused the same vnc port being used twice or thrice, we've now fixed this.
2. When having multiple storage for a single hypervisor, disk creations were being duplicated, this has been fixed.
3. When deploying latest ISO like CentOS 8 we noticed that resizing the partition was failing, this has been fixed.
4. Billing calculations have been improved and minor bugs in calculation have been fixed.
5. On shutting down of Windows VM(s) without proper grace, resize or any other operation such as change password were failing due to a read-only file system error, this has been fixed by performing a ntfsfix on the partitions prior to performing changes.
6. SSH keygen on new instance creation for cleaning of host keys were failing this has been fixed.
7. Reserved IPs were still being provisioned, this has been fixed.
8. UI bugs have been fixed.

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Hypervisor Team.