Hypervisor 2.0.5 has been launched please continue the read below to know more in-depth about this patch release.

1. Bridge automation for Hetzner based servers.
2. NAT based networking for hetzner additional subnets released.
3. Add Credit facility for Admin to a client.
4. Ability to select Primary IP has been provided.
5. All actions such as power, rescue etc are now tracked by tasks.
6. Image / ISO download is now powered by Tasks ( Accurate progress is given, it will fail if the file size hasn't changed in 1 minute ).
7. Ability to change VNC password, VNC Keymap, Boot order, Ethernet model have been provided.
8. You can now add your own Tax ID for invoices.
9. If states are left empty Tax is applied to country and if states are mentioned and client belongs to that state tax is applied as well.
10. Plans can now have 3 types of Disk , SSD,HDD,NVME this will be displayed to clients who deploy via cloud.
11. A custom.css will now be available in /usr/local/hypervisor/public/css/ folder for overriding CSS for branding purpose.

Bug Fixes
1. In Hetzner based servers network was being rendered useless when bridge was start, this has been fixed by above release.
2. There was an issue with plans not being sorted by price or priority for this a new option has been provided.
3. If same plan was given to multiple regions then it was being duplicated in UI until a region was selected, this has been fixed.
4. Additional zero's were being added in UI for client end in cloud deploy after selecting plan this has been fixed.

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Hypervisor Team.